Gym inspiration.


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This girl said that she does this routine before every shower.

-50 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 mountain climbers and 30 second plank.

If I get her boobs as well, my life would be complete.

Yesterday was fun.

I might be crazy but it’s always worth it. Swimming in my underwear with some people, even though it might be “wrong”, but just a small thing can lead to other things. At least I’m the one that’ll be remembered later on. Pictures will be up later, wasn’t able to capture any good ones, too bright outside for my tiny camera. It was a huge boost for my confidence to do it, got so many compliments even though my belly was extremely swollen from nothing. But hey, you only live once! And well it was boiling yesterday.

I caught some irritated girls taking sneaky pictures and calling me a whore, and obviously I’m not a whore just because you’re jealous. Start working on things and come up with random awesome ideas and you could’ve been right where I am today.

Life’s good. Or well I’m so tired, I start work in an hour, time for breakfast!